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Coupa Technical Support Team Updates

Coupa Technical Support is completely dedicated to delivering on our company’s #1 core value: Ensure Customer Success. We have heard loud and clear from our customers that there are areas for improvements in the ways we deliver support. Recently we’ve made material investments to manage Coupa’s growth and to address customer concerns. The size and scope of the Technical Support team has been expanded with extensive hiring around the world and with a new support center in Pune, India. These investments will let us improve internal processes and create deeper areas of focus and expertise in the Coupa products, platform, and operations. Customers will benefit from improved technical support so that they can focus on our shared goal - Ensuring Customer Success.

We have significantly increased in the number of support engineers available to work on customer tickets. We’ve increased our technical support staff by 78% this year alone. A new support center is now open in Pune, India for a total of four globally distributed support centers: Pune, India; Dublin, Ireland; Reno, Nevada; and San Mateo, California.

The increase in the number of support engineers will also let us specialize within the team to improve overall service levels. Support teams will begin to specialize in the different Coupa products, the platform, and in technical operations. New support directors in Pune, San Mateo, and Reno will provide more senior level guidance to customers as well as managing the teams and increasing general capacity. A new team will be provide periodic updates to customers with particularly high ticket volumes. Additional Level 3 Support Engineers will serve as deep technical experts, assisting the rest of the team on the most complex issues.

Process improvements will help to ensure that the team is highly responsive and efficient. The internal rotation process used to ensure that phone calls are always answered has been improved. Improvements have been made to the processes used to ensure appropriate interaction and ownership between Cloud Operations, Development, and Release Management.  The team is also making improvements ways in which we document and provide updates to customers.

As with any investments in service capacity and process improvements, it will take time for the full benefits to be realized. Coupa’s leadership team is continuing to closely monitor daily and monthly metrics on ticket response times, close times, and backlog. Early indications show that these investments are delivering handsome returns—during the third quarter resolutions times have reduced 63.7% for issues that support can resolve for our customers.

Coupa remains passionate about Customer Success and dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer support. We will continue to build on the momentum we are seeing with further investments in hiring, training, and process improvements.

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