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Custom Views: Visibility the Way You Want It

Coupa goes a long way to help you get your spend under management. We don’t stop there, though; we want to make it as easy as possible to get important data out of the system so that you can make key decisions backed by real data. That’s where custom views come in.

Because Coupa is an organic platform, once you know how to set up a custom view on one table, you’ll know how to do it for all of them. It’s the same process for setting up custom views for these tables:

  • Requisitions headers and lines
  • Purchase orders headers and lines
  • Invoice headers and lines
  • Expense reports headers and lines
  • Suppliers
  • Contracts
  • Items
  • Users
  • Budget periods and lines
  • And more!

Coupa tables are also sticky by default. That means if you leave the table and then navigate back to it, we’ll load the last view of that table that you had looked at, even if it was a custom view.

Creating a Custom View

Let’s say you want a custom view for purchase orders from a specific department that were issued this quarter. Piece of cake!

  1. Go to Purchase Orders.

  2. Select the Create view option on the view dropdown.

  3. Give the view a meaningful name and decide who you want to be able to access it.

  4. Under Conditions, this is where you filter out only the desired information. Set up a condition for Department and Issued Date. Be sure you’re set to require All of these conditions are met.

  5. Drag in the columns you want to see in this view. Move all unwanted columns to the list of Available Columns.

  6. Set your sorting criteria and click Save when you’re done.

Like what you see? Want to know what others think?

Well there’s a pretty interesting Coupa community discussion going on right now around custom views that you can join!

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