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Fast and Accurate Reordering Using Order Lists

If you have a need to frequently reorder a specific set of items and are spending your time trying to recreate your cart by searching items from catalogs, Order Lists might become your new best friend. Whether it’s periodic reordering for industries like retail or hospitality where you need to order the same items on a weekly or monthly basis or a role that requires ordering the same group of items like a new hire onboarding kit. Order lists allow you to quickly populate your cart with a list of items, adjust the quantity or items if needed and simply order with a few clicks.

How It Works

Get started by clicking the Order Lists link on the Coupa home page. You’ll see order lists that that have been shared with you by others, and lists you’ve already made yourself.


By bringing commonly grouped Items onto the same page, you don’t have to search for and add items to your cart. Just specify the quantities you want to order and presto! Instant productivity boost. In addition to improved efficiency, you can avoid much of the manual data entry that often leads to errors or incorrect orders.

Tips and Tricks

  • When creating order lists Coupa allows you to identify key items within your list. You’ll be prompted to enter values for these items while filling out an order list.
  • If you add items from multiple suppliers, you can create purchase orders for every supplier with a single click.
  • Edit your order list using the multi-select function so you work on multiple items in the order list at the same time.
  • Share your order lists through Content Groups. Lock your order lists so that end users can’t modify them. However they can make a copy and save it as a personal list that can be further modified if needed.

To create an Order List, go to Setup > Order Lists where you’ll see a list of all supplier catalogs available for order list creation.


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