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Provide a One-Stop-Shop for Employee Needs

In many companies, employees have to navigate a maze of different departments, help desks, web sites, and IT resources to find what they need to do their jobs. This doesn’t happen by design but by “death from 1,000 cuts” as processes and systems are added over time. Fortunately, there is a better way. Extending Coupa to be the comprehensive One-Stop-Shop for Employee needs gives employees one place to go for any query that starts off as “I need…”

In many companies, new hires are greeted with a long list of systems and processes that they must learn and navigate to find what they need simply to be able to do their jobs. Help desks, web sites, and multiple IT resources are common. A close look at this situation reveals that it wasn’t created by design but by happenstance over a long period of time. It isn’t effective for employees, who can’t find what they need and either get frustrated and go without or find ways to go around the system. It also isn’t effective for companies, who must pay to build and support this complex web without delivering a positive or useful experience for their employees.

The best solution is a one-stop-shop where employees can go for whatever they need to be able to do their jobs. If employees only need to remember one place to go, their ramp-up and productivity are improved. It’s much less likely that employees get frustrated or decide to go without. It’s also much less likely that employees purchase something outside the company’s policies or needlessly purchase something that the company already owns.

Customers have found that Coupa can be this one-stop-shop for employee needs. Whenever employees have a query that starts with “I need... “, they can go to Coupa to find the answer.

  • Goods and services can be requested using Coupa, including goods already held by the company
  • Information and policies related to spend are presented within the context of spend transactions
  • Various employee requests for information or action, such requesting a donation to a charitable organization or getting pre-approval for travel, can be supported with web forms.

Customers are finding ways to make the “I Need” approach to their Coupa deployments their own. Bryce Berg of Molina Healthcare said “We use Coupa for a lot of things. We actually call it ‘I request’ internally because we didn’t want to limit it to just purchasing. People submit requisitions for credit cards, or for onboarding an employee, or for getting a phone. We use it for all kinds of things, not just purchasing.” We encourage you to consider incorporating this approach into your deployment as well.

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