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Punchout Tips, Tricks and Best Practices


We all know Punchout is the process of “punching out” from a procurement application like Coupa to a supplier’s website via an electronic standard like cXML. Punchouts allow users to shop at the supplier's website, pick certain items from their catalog and then return to Coupa. Coupa is then able to leverage specific contracted pricing for the items. If you’re a Coupa Procurement customer you’re probably familiar with punchouts already.

Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

Here’s a collection of Coupa Punchout tips and tricks that will help you quickly set up new punchouts and efficiently manage and debug existing ones:


The punchout logo is a visual link on the home page from where the user can click and launch into the suppliers website and catalog. The logo image should be a JPG or PNG that’s 150 x 50 pixels in size. If no logo image is provided the system displays the name of the punchout.


All the punchout setup information needs to be provided by the supplier. However if the “Domain” information is not provided the best practice is to enter “DUNS” as the value for that mandatory field.


Similarly if the supplier has not specifically provided protocol information for the punchout site then always default it to “cXML”.

Beta vs. Production

Ensure that you work with the supplier to get both the “Beta” and “Production” information for the punchouts. These will be needed as you setup the punchouts in Coupa and test out the integration connection and information exchange.

Commodity mapping

Items in punchout carts that come back into Coupa need to map to your commodity names. However punchout suppliers do not have your Coupa commodity codes so you need to setup mapping between supplier category codes and your commodity names. You can map all items in a supplier punchout to a single commodity code or use a UNSPC mapping provided by the supplier.

Download your mapping template at:


The downloaded file contains two columns:

  • First column for supplier's UNSPSC code
  • Second column for your commodity name.

Once you have done the mapping you can upload the template back in the same spot.

Punchout suppliers in search results

In Coupa, you can create 'tags' on certain objects (i.e. webforms, items, punch outs, buying policies).  Tagging a punchout allows you to add specific keywords that enhance your search results by returning those punchout suppliers when the keyword is searched.

Multiple Punchouts for same Suppliers

If you need to control which content a user sees on a punchout site, you can do this by using different Content Groups. You'll assign the user to a content group, and then create a different punchout site for the different content groups as needed. This means you'll have multiple suppliers set up, with each site having a unique “From” Identity to differentiate access.

Advanced Debugging

As part of supplier enablement, occasionally you will have a need to troubleshoot data that flows back into Coupa when a cart is returned from a supplier's PunchOut.

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