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Rock Your Coupa Homepage: Drive Adoption

User Adoption is key to the success of any spend management initiative. With a better designed product comes higher adoption, which in turn leads to more spend being captured and managed. Easier to use products create happier users who use the app more frequently, further driving up adoption. There are many things that can go into increasing adoption, but if you were to identify one thing that gets adoption going for most Coupa customers, it's their homepage.

As consumers, we've come to expect a great website that's easy to use. One of the biggest reasons for consumer webpage bounce rates is poor design. So as an employee, why would we expect anything different from our enterprise software? Yet, this key adoption driver often lacks clear focus. We’d like to shine light on some Coupa homepage design best practices that can make your homepage rock!

Getting Started

Begin by looking at your users: who are they and what are they looking for? Then with your business goals and drivers in mind, design your homepage to meet your user and business goals. Some example goals include:

  • Better communication with your employees who need to purchase goods or services
  • Better communication of business policies for a broad distributed employee base
  • Efficiency gains
  • Faster approval times. 

Once you’ve determined the goals and drivers remove any lengthy text from your homepage since chances are, nobody’s going to read it. If you’ve got a single link that points to your entire intranet, remove that too. It doesn’t provide much value, and takes your user out of the context of what they were trying to achieve by coming to the Coupa homepage in the first place. Icons, images and videos rule on the consumer web, and the same holds true for your Coupa homepage.


Best Practices

If your goal is to have faster approvals, you can have an icon that links to an approval process related video for users to familiarize themselves with the process.

If you’d like to drive users to specific supplier punchouts for certain commodities or goods for example, create icons with the supplier and commodity name, and link them to the punchout. Now your users have a clear visual link to get them what they want.

Why stop there? Add icons to your homepage for specific knowledge base or training videos by linking them through Coupa buying policies. So in the previous screenshot, the Sourcing Events icon can be linked to a buying policy that has content with images and links to videos.

The advantage of linking them through Coupa buying policies is to have the content, images and videos linked and available within the context of the policy and Coupa application. So having 3-5 min videos linked from the homepage that help new users come up to speed much faster makes them visit and use the application more often.


We’d love to hear your Coupa homepage design thoughts and best practices on this discussion going on in the Coupa Community.

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