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Save More Than Ten Percent With Coupa Advantage

Love how Coupa drives real measurable savings? Did you know that Coupa Advantage can help you take that to the next level? Coupa Advantage is available for all Coupa customers and leverages the collective buying power that you’ve created by being a part of the Coupa cloud. It helps drive immediate savings by offering pre-negotiated contracts with top suppliers and making that content available right away in your Coupa environment.


So What is Coupa Advantage?

Coupa Advantage...

  • is part of the Coupa cloud platform and is available for free with your Coupa subscription.
  • provides pre-negotiated contracts from top suppliers across multiple categories. Typical savings start at 8-10% and can go as high as 30% in some cases.
  • leverages the collective buying power of 450+ customers and $120B in spend.
  • does not require any minimums or exclusives.
  • helps extend the reach of your Sourcing & Procurement teams to extract savings from categories they might not be managing actively right now.


Coupa Advantage can be set up in minutes and before you know it your organization will be off on its way to generating additional savings on top of the existing savings you’re getting out of Coupa.

Want to find out more?

Contact your Coupa rep for more information and how you can get started with Coupa Advantage.

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