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Skip the Login: Supplier Transactions via Email

At Coupa we’re constantly working on new and innovative capabilities that help our customers easily enable and collaborate with their suppliers. With Coupa R12 we’ve introduced a patent-pending capability called Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN). For most organizations a large portion of their supplier base is smaller suppliers that probably invoice them only a few times a year. The ROI does not justify for those suppliers to invest in CXML integration or automation. SANs let all your suppliers participate in your e-invoicing initiative, rather than a select few.

In our pursuit of frictionless supplier enablement, we understand that email is still the most common way of communicating. Often, the last thing small businesses want to do is remember another for all businesses and quite frankly might be the only way small and medium businesses automate and communicate. Also these suppliers might be working with various customers and vendors each of whom might be offering their own portal solution that they might need login passwords for.

So Supplier Actionable Notification allows you to email a purchase order to a supplier and for them to work from their email and create an invoice or provide a comment on the PO without having to register or log into any portal. All you need is a supplier email address!


How It Works

Setting Up the Supplier

  1. Go to Setup > Suppliers and then click the Edit icon for the supplier you want to enable.
  2. Under PO Transmission, make sure the supplier has a valid email address, and they’re all set to receive PO emails (email or prompt).
  3. Under Coupa Supplier Network, make sure Create Invoices is selected.
  4. Click Save when you’re done.

Enabling SANs at the COA

  1. Go to Setup > Financial Setup > Customize PO and select the desired COA.
  2. Under PO Layout, select Enable Supplier Actionable Notifications.

Sending Supplier Actionable Notifications

Sending a Supplier Actionable Notification is like sending any other email PO. Create and submit a requisition. Once the req is approved, the PO notification is sent

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