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The Invoice Inbox: Touchless Invoice Processing


At Coupa our goal is to make your AP organization more efficient by eliminating paper and driving savings with an open platform that provides options for all your supplier interactions. The Coupa Open Business Network provides multiple options that include the Supplier Portal, Supplier Actionable Notifications, the Invoice Inbox and integration via cXML connections. These invoice processing options allow you to connect instantly with all your suppliers starting on day-1, regardless of size or volume, with no supplier transaction fees and minimal setup.

Invoice Inbox

While the goal for all AP organizations is to strive towards complete electronic invoice automation, the reality is that there will often be a group of suppliers that will email invoices to you as attachments. This might be because they are really small suppliers and email is the only technology they use or they have mid-market ERP systems that email out invoices from their AR system. Over a period of time your goal should be to get these suppliers to move to the Supplier Portal or Supplier Actionable Notifications, and eliminate emails with PDF attachments.


The Invoice Inbox allows you to interact with suppliers that email PDF invoices directly to you (into Coupa), thus saving you the additional manual step of saving and transferring attachments manually from email to Coupa. It goes further in increasing the efficiency of the AP department by providing views that allow you to sort the workload and focus on different invoice categories. You can quickly switch between invoices that have come in from a known supplier versus invoices and emails that have not yet been mapped to a supplier. The Invoice Inbox also gives you clear visual indicators for Invoices that are overdue, so you can prioritize and pay the right ones first.

Pro Tip: If you assign an email address to a supplier, all invoices with that address will automatically move to the known sender view, and any attached invoices are converted to PDF, digitally signed, and a notification that the invoice has been received is sent to the supplier.

Coupa also offers smart filtering of inbound invoice email attachments identifies legitimate invoices, and rejects other attachments. For images that still make it through like email signatures etc, we've added an Always Ignore button on the Invoice Preview page.

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