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Form Enhancements for R21 - Discoverability and End User Flow

Feature Overview

In Coupa 21, we have made the following updates to bring Forms more to the forefront:

  • Combined Forms and Web Forms to display in the home page sub-navigation bar, and expanded the hover-over drop-down for clients that have many Forms and/or Web Forms.
  • Created a browse flow for Forms and Web Forms that mirrors the search bar browse option for commodities.
  • Allow for Admins to add a banner to Forms which displays to the end user when requesting and populating the Form. 
  • Other general end user cleanup.

What We Were Thinking

The use of Forms in both the enterprise and CSP portals continues to grow, and with the introduction of Custom Objects, discoverability and user experience are key to its success.  We have focused efforts to make it easier for end users to find Forms, while also giving them some a new age UI revamp.  The overall Forms experience is now more well-rounded and mature.

How It Works

Forms and Web Forms sub-nav and browse flow

More to come...

Adding and viewing banner images to Forms

More to come...

Upgrade Impact

All clients that have any type of Form activated.


This feature is available on all R21 instances.

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