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Split Billing Enhancements for R21 - UX/UI Updates for Large Splits

Feature Overview 

In Coupa 21, we would like to address the following:

  • Update the split billing modal to make it easier to use and manage large splits.
  • Simplify the hover over text on the Invoice and Requisition lines.
  • Update the notification to cleanly display the split information.

What We Were Thinking 

The original split billing design worked well for many scenarios, but now our clients are conducing more complicated transactions in Coupa.  Overall, we're hoping to create a cleaner and better performing process for users making any number of splits.

How It Works 

Creating and managing splits using the improved modal

Below are the updates made to the split billing modal when creating a new split:

  • The modal will have 2 static sections, one on top one on bottom.  This area will display information about the splits.
  • The center section will scroll -  before it was entirely static and continued to grow when each split was added.
  • When 51 or more splits are required, the import/export loader must be utilized - before users to create as many splits as desired in the UI.
  • When the import/export loader is utilized and there are 51 or more splits, we will display the errors associated with the import line by line in plain text - before the modal would render each line, displaying red boxes around fields with errors.  This should help increase performance dramatically.

Viewing split billing for an Invoice or Requisition line

Previously, when hovering over an invoice line that has split billing, the user can only see as many accounts as the page is long, and when they move the mouse the hover-over text disappears.

We have removed the hover over and implemented a modal that displays the details of the split.  This will display the same information as the hover-over, but in table form.

Notifications with split billing

Notifications with split billing will display the information using the same structure as the view modal listed above.  This will display the 10 accounts with the highest percentages of the split, and if more information is needed, the user can click into the document and view the full details in Coupa

This will be used for both to-do and email notifications.

Upgrade Impact 



This feature is available on all R21 instances.

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