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Coupa Success Portal

Supplier Enablement Checklist

Task Yes/No
Supplier enablement kick-off call held  
Configuration data received for test  
Fully configured for test  
Punchout successful  
Test PO sent successfully  
1. Single line PO  
2. Multiple line PO  
PO received successfully confirmed by supplier  
Supplier sent invoice  
1. Simple PO-backed invoice with multiple lines (no tax, no line charges)  
2. Simple non-PO backed invoice with multiple lines (no tax, no line charges)  
3. Full PO-backed invoice with tax  
4. Partial PO-backed invoice with tax  
5. PO-backed invoice with shipping/handling/misc charges  
6. Non-PO backed invoice with attachments  
7. Credit memo  
Invoice received successfully
Configuration data received for Product  
Fully configured for Product  
Product catalog content approved by customer  
Supplier ready for Product  
Shut down online system, if applicable  
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