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Coupa Success Portal

How do I respond to a follow-on event?

When you receive an invitation to a follow-on event, you can respond from the notification. Select either I intend to Participate to notify the Buyer you will participate later, or View Event to go to the event page and enter your responses. The notification will also indicate the original event.


On the event page, you can review the follow-on event information. Under the Event Follow-On Information section is a link to the original event. To participate in the follow-on event, select I intend to participate in this event and accept the Terms and Conditions.


Once you select Send to Event Owner, you can select Enter Response below the Timeline section to view the Buyer Attachments, Forms, Material Qs, and Items and Lots for the event. Your response from the previous event is automatically carried over as a draft.


 You can edit your previous response and submit.  


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