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How do I add comments to an Authored Contract?

If you are reviewing the contract agreement online in CLM Standard, you may add comments to the text with suggestions or questions to the other reviewers

Comments can only be added during the review cycle. Once they have been added, you can not delete them, only mark them as accepted or rejected. The comments are visible to all parties from the point in time they have been invited to the contract. 

Note that the CLM Standard comments are only available for online reviews. As soon as you download the agreement to Word, the online editing option is voided.

Add a Comment

  1. Highlight the text of interest in the agreement body (this can be done when viewing or editing the contract)

  2. Click the Comment button that appears.

  3. Enter your comment.

  4. Click Post to save your comment.

  5. Click the Comment  icon to the right of where you added the comment to view the details. New, unread comments are indicated by a red dot. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 2.14.48 PM.png

Comment visibility

Comments can be viewed by anybody who had permission to view the contract when the comments  (or replies to comments) were created.

Members of your organization can see all Comments for the contracts they have permission to view. Suppliers can only see comments & replies to comments that were added to contracts after the Supplier was invited to the contract. 

Here is how to check if a supplier can see a comment:

  • Open the comment to see the date/time stamp for when the comment was added
  • Open the Contract History > Full History to check the date/time for when the Supplier (external user) was invited to the contract
  • If the comment was added after the user was invited, then they can see it.