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Our Certification course will teach you how to set up and optimize a Coupa platform. You'll learn about settings, configurations, roles, ideal workflows and best practices for mapping your business processes to Coupa; all while working in your own training instance.


Become Coupa Platform Certified

Platform Class Description

This 4 day, instructor led course provides students with essential foundational concepts and best practices needed to understand and take advantage of the Coupa platform. Class format is a combination of presentation, demonstration, and hands on exercises. Participant guide provided.


System Administrators, System Implementation Managers, and power users, such as Buyers, Accounts Payable, and Contract Administrators.


After the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Complete data loads for supported objects (examples are users, addresses, items and suppliers)
  • Manage users, including creating and assigning roles, streamlining end user experience using content groups, and reducing billing errors using account security groups
  • Build a Chart of Accounts
  • Configure approval chains to meet specific business requirements
  • Configure and manage AP workflows
  • Setup a simple sourcing event
  • Create and edit configuration settings associated with Coupa administration tasks
  • Work within the Coupa procurement best practices and see the benefits associated with them

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