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    What is expected of me upon registration for Platform Certification training? 
    • Physical attendance during all instructional hours
    • Participate in discussions 
    • Do all labs – personal laptop required
    • Complete and pass exam
    • Stay up to date on release trainings - addressed below 
    How often are New Release trainings published?

    Our new features trainings are released 3x a year: January; May; and September. Anyone how is platform certified is required to complete these new features trainings and assessments in the LMS in order to maintain their certification. 

    I thought Platform Certification was 3 days?

    Starting January 2017, we've changed our course format to be delivered over 4 days in order to effectively expand on existing topics, as well as cover additional material in our ever-growing platform. This also allows for the exam to be kicked-off midday Thursday, which ensures a decent departure time for our attendees. 

    Buyout Logistics

    If you have 7 or more resources to be trained on Coupa's platform, we recommend purchasing a buyout as it promotes: cost efficiency; no legwork for travel, we will fly an instructor out to your facilities; and promotes the ability for a more customized training.

    I'm flying to attend training at a Coupa public classroom location, can I book same-day travel?

    Arrival - Platform certification training kicks off at 9am Monday, so we ask that you fly into either SFO or Dublin on Sunday night to ensure you're there on time.

    Departure - On average, it takes an attendee 2 hours to complete the exam on their first attempt. All students are allowed two attempts to pass with a score of 75%. Best practice: book your flight in the latter part of the evening to allow for travel back to the airport, etc.

    Is physical attendance required for certification?

    Yes. We ask that all Platform attendees do their very best to be physically present during all hours of instruction. However, we understand that you do have a life outside of certification training, so we will accept up to 2 hours of absence per course. We're here to ensure your success, so anything over 2 hours of absence will have to be pre-approved by the instructor. 

    How do I maintain my certification?

    Following every new Coupa release, the Coupa Education team will publish a new release eLearning course, covering the latest features. Students can find the course in the Coupa eLearning portal and can expect to spend approximately 60-minutes to view the training and pass the accompanying exam.

    For every release training, you will have 90 days to complete it. If you do not complete within 90 days, you will lose your certification.  To achieve your certification again, you will need to retake the certification training class and pass the exam.

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