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Coupa Success Portal

Self Directed Learning

"At Procter & Gamble, we have been very active in the use of the Coupa Training System and find it a valuable tool in our Coupa journey. The Coupa Training modules, videos, reference materials, and quizzes are very helpful. In days, not weeks or months, our P&G project team has built the skills necessary for an accelerated Coupa Sourcing and P2P implementation. Thank you."

- Bill Sage – Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, US

Ensure Success Through Learning                                 

Take a proactive approach to your Coupa skills by utilizing the Coupa eLearning portal at your own pace and when it makes sense for you.

The eLearning portal has courses designed to help you become successful in your Coupa role, whether you're new to the project team on the implementation, have questions surrounding how an object works, or would like to learn more about other Coupa products in the Coupa Suite - we have eLearning content available at your fingertips.

Access to the eLearning portal grants you the ability to browse the course library and decide what courses you'd like to take. Each course provides you with the use, set-up and configuration of each object in Coupa. Additional courses also include new release trainings, best practices and customer stories shared through webinar recordings. 

Who can use this training?

The eLearning portal is available to current customers and partners at no additional fee. Courses within the eLearning portal are assembled to help Coupa Admin, Buyer and Accounts Payable roles. 
  • Admins can learn the tools they need to maintain Coupa for their company. Admins can also use the content provided in the eLearning portal to train their users.
  • Buyers can learn to leverage the Coupa Supplier Network (CSN) and set-up sourcing events to get better prices and drive savings. 
  • Accounts Payables can learn about the invoice workflow and how to address the invoices that need their attention.

Getting Started / Sign Up

Access to the portal is granted during the implementation process. The number of users is restricted to the core project team on the implementation. For customers after go-live, access is available to admin and power users. Contact and provide them with a list of names, roles and email addresses to get set-up. 

Coupa Learning for You

Coupa eLearning Portal
Customers can access our elearning library and certification registration through our customer portal.
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