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Integrated Customer Management

ICM_INTRO.pngValue Discovery Value Realization Value Optimization

SaaS is not just changing the way software is delivered, it’s changing the way software vendors and customers work together. What’s changed the game is data. Vendors with visibility into performance data across the whole platform, now have the opportunity to understand the best practices of successful customers and create performance benchmarks for different customer types and industry segments. They can use these data insights to help all of their customers get the maximum value out of their software implementations.

By having a strong subscription model, it helps motivate vendors to have an ongoing incentive to make sure customers get continuing value from their subscription. With on-premise software, account management may have consisted of reactive customer support and efforts to sell add-ons and upgrades. Now the function has been transformed to Customer Success, a more holistic effort where vendors and customers jointly share the responsibility for achieving value throughout the product lifecycle.

This is still relatively new for both customers and vendors. In the early days of building the Customer Success organization at Coupa, if a customer said, "Hey, I'm having trouble," I wanted everyone who could to jump in and help them out, because there’s no higher priority than customers.

Now, there's still no higher priority than customers, but as we and other SaaS vendors scale and build out dedicated teams with a roster of position players, we need to create an integrated customer management framework to ensure that value remains front and center across the handoffs that take place in the early phases of the deployment. The following is how Coupa has solved this...for you! 

  • Value Discovery
    Value discovery helps customers figure out the business value that they'll achieve with the software.
  • Value Realization
    Solutions are designed with key value targets outlined in order to ensure customer success.
  • Value Optimization
    Coupa works with the customer to optimize the system and processes that set and achieve success metrics.
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