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Coupa Success Portal

Value Discovery

It starts when a customer is in the selection phase, and the goal is value discovery. This is when the customer is trying to figure out the specific business value they're trying to achieve with the software. Some customers already know, but more often they just know they need a system to do things better; but they don’t have a clear definition of what better looks like.

In the Value Discovery phase, Coupa’s Value Solutions Consultants and Business Value Engineering teams use benchmarks and Coupa platform data to help the customer to define 3-5 specific outcomes that will be the focus of the first year of the deployment. For a Coupa deployment, examples can range from: saving 15% on indirect spending in the next 12 months; cutting AP costs by 23% in the next 18 months, and realizing savings of $5 million by leveraging early pay discounts.

There’s a wealth of information that comes out of this process, but there might be a lag of several months from when we reached an agreement on our value targets to when we finally move into implementation. The deliverable for this phase is to have the information and agreement packaged up nice and neatly to hand over to the services team at the start of the value realization phase.

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