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Coupa Success Portal

Value Realization

Once we move into implementation, a Coupa Certified Partner or the Coupa Professional Services team starts putting together a configured solution designed to realizing the value targets outlined in the discovery phase.

The key internal deliverable at the start of this phase is a handoff document that's shared between solutions consulting and professional services. This is when there is a transition call between the selling team, the Solutions Consultants and the Professional Services team to get everyone on the same page. There’s also a customer implementation kickoff meeting with the Solution Consultant present to make sure that value thread makes it intact into this phase.

We also encourage every customer to attend a Success Metric Workshop put on by Coupa or a Partner team in participation with Coupa's Customer Success team during the value realization phase. In this workshop, data is used to create benchmarks to help the customer look at their processes and take the high-level goals from the value discovery phase and break them down into incremental operational metrics.

This workshop might be done early in the implementation, and the Customer Value Manager will support or lead the session. It’s important at the handoff for the outcome of the workshop to be packaged up and available for everyone’s reference.

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