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Coupa Success Portal

Value Optimization

Once the system goes live and is in production, the focus turns to value optimization. Now it's up to Coupa and the customer to work together to optimize the system and processes to achieve the success metrics, and set new ones as they hit the initial ones.

Value optimization is the new frontier with SaaS. With on premise software, vendors simply did not have the visibility into the data to help the customer fine tune their performance. Now, Coupa does. In the framework we’ve designed, value discovery and value realization lay the groundwork for this.

Coupa Customer Value Managers will partner with the customer and maintain regular contact through check ins and business reviews. Customers are empowered with simple dashboards where they can match actual performance data against what’s been laid out in the customer's value roadmap, and a playbook so they know what actions to take based on whatever insights they see.  

Coupa has the insight to guide the customer with the tools and skills to make use of all the data that’s presently available, not just in the form of benchmarks and platform data, but also publicly available and internal customer data.  

Coupa continually thinks about the data and tools we need to be building an internal customer management framework for pulling it all together and expanding that partnership with the customer.

Does this take a little bit more time than just closing deals and implementing them? Sure, in the beginning. But once you get the framework in place, it keeps everyone on the same page, focused on the same goals, working in tandem to prioritize and optimize for defined value, not just something better.

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