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Quality Engineering

At Coupa, we deliver a true cloud-based SaaS solution that's part of a multi-tenant platform. What this means is that all of our customers use the same product and have access to the same features. By maintaining a single version of the product, we're able to continually provide new features and product enhancements to all our customers.

By delivering software through the cloud, you'll automatically get product updates as soon as they're available. This means your software never gets out of date, always has the latest security patches, and requires little to no maintenance. At the same time, when we add new features or functionality, you have the option of turning it on, or leaving your instance the way it is. This way, you can roll out new features to your users at a pace that makes sense for your organization.

To learn more about how we design, build, and deploy our software, check out how each of our teams work together to deliver regular, high-quality releases and features that make sense and help improve your bottom line.

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