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Coupa Success Portal

Product Management

Product Management (PM) plays a key role here at Coupa, since they're responsible for the product roadmap, design of our award-winning user interface, and our top-ranked capabilities.

We utilize three channels for deciding what new features and enhancements make it into each new release of Coupa:

  • Customer feedback
  • Market drivers
  • Innovation

We're constantly working with our customers to better understand what business problems they're really trying to solve. Our Community Fourms is a vibrant source of customer feedback and feature requests, and lets customers talk directly with our PMs. The community can vote on features and we provide a status on each feature request, so you know if the feature has been done, it's on our product roadmap, or it's still under consideration.

To figure out what features to include in the next Coupa release, we look at several factors:

  • Customer business case
  • Customer urgency/importance
  • Product road map
  • Our long-term strategy
  • Available resources
  • Cost and ROI

It's important to remember that true SaaS software follows a different path: any change we make to the product is shared across our entire customer base. Cloud-based software doesn't include customer-specific features. This way, we're able to deliver better functionality more quickly. Of course, you're able to choose if you're going to enable a feature or not, based on your organization's needs.

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