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Coupa Success Portal

Release Management

The Coupa platform and PowerApps are continuously developing to meet the needs of your business spend management processes. We are launching three major releases per year in addition to regular updates for maintenance. This section describes the release schedules and maintenance windows and also how you can keep updated about what is coming.

  • Coupa's Release Types
    We release a new major version of Coupa three times per year. Each major version gets biweekly maintenance updates and occasional, ad-hoc daily updates.
  • Release Timelines
    We deploy major releases or updates on a regular schedule, in a controlled manner, with ample time for testing.
  • Maintenance Windows
    Maintenance windows for major releases and updates that require downtime.
  • Release Communications
    You can opt in for system-generated messages and emails for update notifications.
  • Receiving Updates
    Learn about our best practices around receiving our rolling release so you can take an active role in testing our major releases and maintenance updates.
  • Upcoming Coupa Release Schedule
    Information about when we'll be releasing new Coupa versions to sandbox and production.
  • CSP Release Management
    The Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) follows Coupa's continuous delivery model for deploying new releases as necessary.
  • More Release Info
    To get more info on why we're changing the way we do releases, and for links to documentation and training resources check out this topic.


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