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Coupa Success Portal

Support Ticket Lifecycle


The Technical Support Team tracks and handles a variety of requests through our online ticket system.

Request Type Description
General Questions We recommend visiting the Coupa Knowledge Base prior to opening a ticket, as your question may already have been addressed.
Platform/Service issues The ticket should explicitly state the issue, reproduction steps, and business impact. Tickets are responded to according to your Technical Support Plan and severity.
Service Requests If you would like a change or modification made to your Coupa deployment, open a ticket. Please state the request clearly and also authorize the activity to take place. Also, specify if there is a certain time you would like the task to be performed.
Product Ideas We spend quite a bit of time working with our customers to understand what features they need in the software. Check out the Coupa Community to log a product idea and see what others are asking for. If you find an existing idea  you like, please comment on it. We use the volume of comments on a idea to guide us in making decisions about what to include in future releases.
Integrations If you have questions related to an existing integration or you are interested in adding a new integration to your Coupa deployment, please open a ticket. Once your request is received, we will follow up, then route it to the Coupa Integrations team to scope the project.

Ticket Management Stages

Upon creating a ticket, you receive a system-generated email acknowledgment providing your ticket number. The Technical Support team prioritizes tickets according to severity levels and to your service plan, and works in stages to resolve all issues.

Stage 1: Reporting a Problem

When reporting a problem, provide as much detail as possible to help us understand and start investigating your issue immediately and provide you with a speedy resolution. To open an effective ticket:

  • View tickets created by other users in your organization to make sure you are not duplicating a colleague’s ticket
  • Note the instance where the issue occurred (Test or Prod) along with the URL
  • Provide the login(s) of the user(s) who are experiencing the issue
  • Enter the identification number(s) of the affected Purchase Orders Requisitions or Expense Reports
  • Tell us the impact the issue is having on your business
  • Attach any relevant files, screenshots, or error logs

Also, make sure the severity level accurately reflects the impact on your business.

Customer Severity Levels

Severity Description
Severity 1 Severe production error that results in Coupa being completely unavailable and halting transactions, with no workaround.
Severity 2 Serious error that results in a major function of Coupa suffering a reproducible problem, causing either major inconvenience to users or consistent failure in common functionality.
Severity 3 Error that results in common functionality experiencing an intermittent problem or a consistent failure in less common functionality.
Severity 4 Service Request or Question. This includes sandbox refresh, SSO setup, etc…

Stage 2: Research

During the Research stage, the Technical Support engineer works to reproduce the reported issue. If the ticket was opened to address a specific question, the details of the question are investigated and reported back via the web-based ticket tracking system.

After analyzing your issue the Technical Support engineers:

  • Attempt to recreate the issue
  • Analyze the reproducible test cases you provided
  • Check if the issue is a service limitation that may lead to an enhancement request
  • Open requests with Coupa Development for defects with reproducible test cases that are isolated to the Coupa service
  • Provide instruction and reference documentation, if the reported issue is due to user error or a misunderstanding.

If the Technical Support engineer has trouble reproducing the problem, you may be contacted to discuss the case or to provide additional detail.

Stage 3: Case Resolution Management

Once the Technical Support engineer investigates your issue, a solution is provided when possible. You should test the solution to confirm the issue is resolved. When there is a mutual agreement that the issue is resolved, the Engineer closes the ticket. If the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you should provide the Technical Support engineer with detail related to the area(s) you feel are not resolved, for further investigation or explanation.

The Coupa Technical Support Team is fanatical about making our customers successful and ensuring you are satisfied with the resolution to your tickets. At the conclusion of each ticket, a short survey is sent so you can provide feedback about your interaction with the Coupa Technical Support Team. Your feedback is appreciated and helps us ensure we are providing the best service possible.

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