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Coupa Success Portal

Customer Adoption Managers

As your business grows and changes and you expand usage of Coupa, we want to ensure you have the guidance you need to get the most from Coupa. Customer Adoption Managers (CAMs) are our in-house solutions team with high technical aptitude, extensive Coupa product knowledge and a deep understanding of spend management processes.

They are very hands-on and are available as a resource to help you achieve maximum efficiency in your spend management operation. They listen to your needs and act as a bridge with Coupa Product Management, Development, Operations, Sales or anyone else at Coupa. You can reach out to them through your CVM team.

Here are some examples of what the CAM team has helped clients with in the past:

  • Increased User Adoption. Elevate and accelerate user adoption with support and guidance from an expert who knows the customer's business goals and environment
  • Maximize Value. Exceed success metrics and review new feature releases to get the most value from Coupa innovations
  • Best Practices. Assess your usage against best practices and industry benchmarks to optimize adoption levels

As you can see the CAM team has a wide skill set, but are first and foremost highly trained Coupa experts ready and waiting to assist to help you achieve your Spend Management goals!

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