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Coupa Success Portal

What is the minimum requirement for a supplier to do a punchout in Coupa?

  • Suppliers must have an online catalog on their website.
  • The site must support the following cXML documents:
    Name Description
    PunchoutSetupRequest (POSR) Supplier must be able to consume the POSR and authenticate the user to access their punchout website.
    PunchoutSetupResponse For every POSR received, suppliers must send back a PunchoutSetupResponse with the landing page URL.
    PunchoutOrderMessage (POOM)

    When users are done shopping, the website should not place the order in the supplier's order management system. Instead, the checkout process should return the cart information back to Coupa via the POOM.

    Suppliers send a POOM cXML to Coupa with the cart information: part number, UOM, order quantity, description, and UNSPSC. The POOM must be sent back to the BrowserFormPost URL in the POSR.

  • Suppliers need to provide the punchout URL and cXML header credentials.

See Punchout Catalogs for more info.