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What is the minimum requirement for a supplier to send invoices to Coupa via cXML?

  • Suppliers must send the InvoiceDetailRequest cXML using InvoiceDetail.dtd version 1.2 or greater.
  • Suppliers must use HTTPS transmission with SSL version TLS 1.1 or greater.
  • Suppliers can invoice against a Coupa PO or against a contract set up in Coupa.
  • For PO-backed invoicing, suppliers must pass the PO number, supplier part number, UOM, and PO line number.

    Suppliers can pass a blank PO line number and Coupa retrieves it from matching the supplier part number and UOM.

  • The customer provides the supplier with the contract number.

    The PO line number is blank for invoicing against contract.

  • The customer provides suppliers with the URL for posting the invoice.
  • Suppliers need to provide the cXML header credentials.

See cXML Invoices for more info.