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Step 1: Analyze Your Spend


Review the spend across all of your suppliers for the last 12- 18 months with a focus on volumes of transactions to those suppliers

Goal of analysis should be to:

  • Prioritize low hanging enablement fruit
  • Develop a preliminary catalog strategy (punchout vs hosted)
  • Develop a preliminary document exchange strategy (approximate number of integrations, SAN, CSN suppliers)

Suppliers method of transaction is ultimately a supplier business decision, but suppliers are usually interested in integration options at >1000 transactions / year.

For more enablement content, see Ask an Expert: Supplier Enablement.

Group A: High Volume

  • Top 10-20 catalog-based suppliers with a high volume of transactions
  • Most likely to utilize cXML integration for document exchange
  • Will easily adopt the Coupa platform

Group B: Moderate Volume

  • Additional catalog supplies with a moderate volume of transactions
  • Most likely to utilize the CSN to manage PO's and create invoices
  • Will adopt the Coupa platform with minor effort

Group C: Low Volume

  • Purely transactional suppliers (no catalogs) with a low volume of transactions
  • Will utilize SAN, email, or paper invoicing
  • Clear communication on your invoicing requirements is needed

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