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Step 2: Determine Supplier Load Strategy


No matter which ERP you are using, Coupa makes it easy to load your suppliers. To facilitate this process, customers are encouraged to cleanse as much of their master data as possible prior to integrating with Coupa. Ensure sure you have the correct contact information for suppliers and remove any duplication from vendor masters.

Some important considerations:

  • How many ERP instances are your vendors originating from?
  • Do any of your suppliers have multiple ordering points within your current ERP vendor master?
  • What are the downstream impacts of managing catalogs and content in Coupa for duplicate suppliers?

For more enablement content, see Ask an Expert: Supplier Enablement.

Downstream Impacts

Keep in mind supplier impact as you decide on loading strategies. Flattening out your vendor masters may complicate content management for your suppliers. For example, if Office Depot loads a hosted catalog from the CSN and you have four different ERPs and duplicate Office Depot records for each ERP, they would need to load four different catalog files. In this scenario, you may want to dedicate a resource to split the supplier's file into the necessary files, or upload duplicate punchout catalogs using the bulk loader for punchout sites.

Handling Multiple Ordering Points

The best way to manage a single supplier with multiple ordering points is to flatten the ERP vendor master to create one supplier in Coupa for each ordering point.

Coupa has only one ordering point (email, integration connection, CSN account) per supplier.

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To learn more, see Supplier Load Strategies.

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