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Step 3: Align Your Processes


Once you've analyzed your spend, the next step is to work with the Coupa Implementation Manager to optimize your business processes around things like:

  • How you'll load contracts into Coupa
  • Whether you or the supplier will load hosted catalogs into Coupa
  • How you'll approve newly loaded catalogs and changes to those catalogs
  • What custom fields need to appear on your PO's to support downstream processes and integrations (i.e. to your ERP)

You'll also evaluate which suppliers are high volume/dollar, and are prime targets for automation, and minimize manual entry. Once you've identified your key suppliers, start engaging with them. They'll need time to plan for the transition to Coupa.

We'll also confirm your stance on paper invoicing:

  • Will you reject future paper invoices?
  • Will there be a grace period where you'll accept paper invoices?

For more enablement content, see Ask an Expert: Supplier Enablement.

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