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Coupa Success Portal

Create a Custom Field

There’s a couple of steps to getting started with Custom Fields:

  1. From Setup > Company Setup > Custom fields, choose the object, or the part of Coupa (requisitions, items, suppliers, etc.), where you want to add a custom field.

    Coupa loads the fields associated with the object you selected and organizes them into different categories, if necessary. This includes current custom fields and, in some cases, standard fields. Custom fields stand out because they have a yellow background.

  2. Click and drag whichever type of custom field you'd like to add from the right side of the screen to the appropriate location on the left side. You can drag new custom fields to the sections outlined in yellow, which appear to have a field labeled Drag custom fields here.

  3. Provide the custom field info.

  4. Verify your settings and click Done.

It’s really that easy. If you go check the object, you’ll see the custom field is there. But don’t get too far ahead, there are some important things to be aware of:

  • Adding custom fields can be easy, but be careful adding them to fields that have existing integrations. Adding a new required field to the user record could break an existing integration from you HR or ERP system.

  • With great power comes great responsibility. Your custom fields make it easy to get more details from your end users, but don’t overload them with too many new required fields on the requisition line. Also, type in names and hints that make sense, so your end users will still have a good experience with Coupa.

  • If you’re using custom field defaults, make sure they’re set up properly. You can use the Save & copy to… and Defaults from: custom field settings to make this work. Check the Coupa online help if you need more details.

  • If you would like the custom field to carryover to the cXML PO to the supplier, do the following:

    • Check off the Supplier Viewable flag; and

    • Ask Coupa Support to turn on the enable_cxml feature on your Coupa instance.

  • If you would like the custom field to be editable by the supplier, select the Supplier Editable checkbox.