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Invoice Inbox


We've made improvements to the Invoice Inbox to make it easier to use, added an invoice list view, and the ability to track unknown supplier addresses.

What We Were Thinking

Coupa's Invoice Inbox was originally intended to capture only a small few invoices that weren't getting processed via electronic means already, but it turns out that there's a lot more potential for to process larger volumes of invoices. So, we’ve improved the invoice inbox to make it easier to work with lots of invoices and added more tools to enhance the supplier setup. We don't want you to miss invoices from new suppliers or suppliers that have changed their email addresses, either.

Invoice Inbox Improvements

We've increased consistency across the UI:

  • On the supplier setting page, Incoming Invoices changed to Invoice Inbox
  • On the homepage under the invoices tab, Inbound Invoices changed to Invoice Inbox

Once in the Invoice Inbox, you can now view invoices as a list, or as thumbnails. Click the view button beside the Reload button to switch between views. These views are sticky, so when you come back later, you’ll be on the same view as when you left.

When viewing an invoice image, we also provide the supplier's email address right on the page. This makes it easier to contact them if you have any questions about the invoice.

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