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Supplier Actionable Notifications

We're always looking for ways to help you transact with your Coupa customers with a minimum of friction, and in Coupa 12 we've added supplier actionable notifications (SAN). They give you the ability to act directly from your email inbox when you receive a PO from your customer using Coupa. You don't need to register or log into the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP). However, if you're already registered on the CSP, you can still take advantage of actionable notifications.

To use SAN, you need to have your customer enable it from their side. Then when they send you a PO notification, you can create an invoice directly from the PO, acknowledge receipt of the PO, or add comments to the PO.

Additionally, you'll get a notification after you submit an invoice or when your customer performs an action on the invoice. This improves transparency and further reduces the need for you to track down the status of your invoice—no more calls and emails that take up valuable time on both sides.

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