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Capture PO and Invoice cXML for Troubleshooting


Beginning with Coupa 19, you see Invoice and PO errors directly in your instance by going to Setup > Integrations > cXML Errors. The error details include the full cXML that coupa generated. This is handy if you want to see what the supplier-side cXML PO looks like, or if you need the full cXML to troubleshoot an problem.

See cXML Error Monitoring for more info (requires sign-in).

Capture cXML for a purchase order

If you want to see what Coupa is sending to a specific supplier, temporarily 'breaking' the PO connection lets you generate an error and grab the cXML from it.

Step 1: Break your supplier connection

Decide on the supplier you want to test. Choose a supplier who already has a pending PO, or else you'll have to create a PO for them.

  1. In the Actions column, click the Edit icon (edit.png).
  2. Under PO Transmission, modify the PO URL field so that the won't be received by the supplier. The easiest change is to remove just the last character from the URL that the supplier gave you. Be sure to copy the original URL so you can update the record later.


During this step, there are few important things to consider:

  • Be sure to copy the original URL so you can update the record later.
  • Don't blank out the field. Coupa requires a well-formed URL in the field, or else you won't be able to save your changes.
  • Don't forget to put back the proper value in the PO URL field after you've generated your error!

Step 2: Transmit a PO to the 'broken' supplier

Now that the transmission method is 'broken', when Coupa sends the PO, it'll generate an error.

  1. Go to the Orders page in Coupa and search for the PO that you want to see the cXML for.
  2. When you've found the invoice, under the Actions column, click the Send PO icon (send-po.png).
  3. If prompted, choose cXML as the transmission method.

Step 3: View the cXML Error and extract the PO

  1. Go to Setup > Integrations > cXML Errors and then click the Purchase Order tab.
  2. From there, search on the PO number that you resent in Step 2 above. Under the Request Error column, click on hyperlinked error and you'll be able to download the raw cXML.


If you'd like to improve the formatting of the cXML, try

Be sure to go back to the supplier record and paste the original PO URL back into the PO URL field.

Extract cXML for an invoice

To see errors for cXML Invoices, just go to Setup > Integrations > cXML Errors and click on the Invoice tab. Any cXML invoices that had an error will be listed here.



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