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Configuring a Supplier for cXML Invoicing

To set up a supplier so they can send invoices via cXML, you'll need to edit their record in Coupa.

  1. Go to Suppliers tab and search for the supplier that you want to modify.

  2. In the Actions column, click the Edit icon (edit.png).

  3. Select the Allow CXML Invoicing and Advance Ship Noticing checkbox.  

    Additional cXML configuration fields appear.

  4. Usually, when configuring cXML invoice, the credentials are the same as the PO credentials.  In some cases, you'll need to update the credentials based on the cXML invoice provided by the supplier.

  5. CXML Invoice Supplier Domain – initially set up to be the same as PO supplier domain.

  6. CXML Invoice Supplier Identity – initially set up to be the same as PO supplier identity

  7. CXML Invoice Buyer Domain – set up the same as PO Our Domain

  8. CXML Invoice Buyer Identity – set up the same as PO Our Identity

  9. CXML Invoice Secret – Set up as PO Shared Secret.

  10. Credentials for invoicing may be different from PO credentials. This will be identified during the initial invoice test from the supplier.

  11. Scroll down to the bottom of the supplier record and click Save when you're done.

Coupa admins can change the supplier record to add a supplier integration contact only after the supplier record has been enabled for cXML invoicing and after the intended supplier integration user has logged in to join the CSP account by invitation. Action from the supplier is required to validate the email address prior to the Coupa admin adding that user as a Supplier Integration Contact.