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Coupa Success Portal

Test cXML Invoicing

  1. Provide invoice URLs to the supplier:

    • Production URL: https://[customer production instance]/cxml/invoices

    • Test URL:  https://[customer test instance]/cxml/invoices

  2. ​The Supplier provides an invoice for an existing purchase order.

What if there is a problem?

If there is a transmission failure, an email notification is sent to admin users with an error message and cXML code. This information can be submitted to the supplier for review and resolution.


How do I fix it?

Unable to send or receive invoices

Most issues are related to credentials or supplier configuration.

To fix this issue:

  • Contact the supplier to verify they are using the correct credentials to connect to Coupa.
  • Check the supplier's information in Coupa from the Setup > Suppliers > Suppliers screen.

For a further list of cXML errors and troubleshooting tips, go here.

For additional Supplier Integration questions please follow this link:

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