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Coupa Success Portal

Hosted Catalogs

These catalogs are loaded into Coupa, so users can search for and add items to their cart directly within the platform. Items in hosted catalogs appear in your results when searching from the Coupa home page. Hosted catalogs provide a high level of control over items, but require a higher level of management. This is the fastest way to get your catalog into Coupa.

You can upload hosted catalog items into Coupa:

  • Directly via the Items table, under the Items tab, including internal catalogs (e.g. maintenance services) and supplier catalogs (emailed from the supplier).
  • Through bulk upload (CSV file), from the Items table.
  • Through integration with an ERP, using the Coupa API.
  • Through the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP). These catalogs are managed by suppliers through the CSP. You can approve and reject catalogs as they are updated, from Suppliers Supplier Portal Catalogs.



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