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How to see Supplier PunchOut Order Message

As part of supplier enablement, occasionally there is a need to troubleshoot the data that flows back into Coupa when a cart is returned from a supplier's punchout. This become useful when a certain field is not being populated in Coupa on punchout orders. Having the ability to see what the supplier is sending back can help understand where the issue is, whether is be because the supplier is not sending the data or the supplier is sending the data and Coupa does not map it.

This can also be useful when investigating punchout Errors on returning the cart to Coupa and the Supplier requests the OrderMessage 

The following steps will walk you through how you can quickly get to this information. The walkthrough was performed using the Google Chrome browser but this functionality does exist in other browsers.

  1. Log into to your instance, and select a Supplier's punchout. In this example, We'll use CDW.

  2. Once in the punchout, add an item to your cart.

  3. Click the "Checkout" button on your PunchOut and you will be prompted that the cart will be transferred back to Coupa. Before you click "Transfer," the browser developer tool needs to be opened.

  4. In Chrome, this is under View > Developer > Developer Tools.

  5. Click the Network tab. This is where the tool will capture all web calls made and loaded as you navigate through the website. This is also where the xml is capture for the punchout cart return.

  6. Once the cart is returned to Coupa, you will need to look for the checkout?id=xx record, where xx is the id being passed. This record contains the xml data that is being passed back to Coupa. Click once on the name and the xml will be displayed.


 Good luck with troubleshooting!

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