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Coupa Success Portal

Punchout Site Settings


Setting Details
Name A unique name the supplier is identified by throughout many different areas in Coupa.
Punchout URL

The full supplier URL in Coupa. This is normally specified by the supplier.

For FedRAMP-enabled instances, the supplier URL must be HTTPS. HTTP is not supported.

Description Provide a description of the punchout site.
Logo The supplier's logo. This will appear as a link to the punchout site on the Coupa home screen under the Shop Online section. We recommend images be in JPG or PNG format 150 x 50 pixels in size.
Supplier The supplier associated with the punchout site. You must choose a supplier with an active account in Coupa.
Related Commodities The commodities associated with the punchout.
Contract Allows you to select the contract associated with the supplier.
Tag List

Tags that are used during item search. For example, if an end user searches for a stapler, and you want them to select a punchout supplier because they have the best discount, you could add the “stapler” tag (and other popular tags) to the punchout site to have it appear first in the search results.

Lead Time

Lead time is used to calculate the "need by" date on req lines when the request is fully approved and about to be flipped into a PO and the following conditions apply:

  • The "need by" date is blank
  • The "need by" date is < order date + lead time
Domain Anything defined by the supplier, but it's usually DUNS or NetworkID, depending on the corresponding identity value.
Identity Usually the supplier's DUNS or NetworkID.
Secret A password that the customer and supplier have agreed upon. This is a required field.
Sender Domain Usually a DUNS or NetworkID.
Sender Identity Usually a DUNS or NetworkID.
Protocol This field should always be cxml.
SSL Version Use this dropdown to select a specific encryption type for supplier connections. If left blank, the most supported version will be used.

Disable SSL Cert Verification

Enabling this means that SSL certificate mismatch errors are ignored.

SSL certificate validation provides a means of security between your suppliers and your company. Disabling SSL certificate validation can introduce a security risk to your network.

Supports Punchout Inspection

This should only be selected if the supplier supports punchout inspection.

If the supplier supports inspection, then when an approver is reviewing the req the approver will have a static page of the punnchout checkout page that displays additional information.

Default Business Unit From User's Department

Coupa pulls the default for the custom field when someone clicks on the punchout site, and Coupa sends the punchout setup request. If you don't set up a custom field, Coupa sends the person's department to the supplier.

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