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Contract Settings

Contract Details

Setting Details
Supplier You must choose a supplier with an active account in Coupa.
Contract Name Choose a descriptive, meaningful name for this contract. Avoid blanket names like Supplier X Contract and you may have to create multiple contracts for the same supplier. This can happen frequently if you're leveraging content groups to control which users see specific catalog items, punchouts, and web forms.
Contract # This contract number is passed on to your supplier on cXML transactions.
Status Draft or published. Only published contracts are effective.
Starts Coupa tracks spend against the contract from this date. Backdating the start date does not include previous transactions, though, except for transactions that are still pending approval.
Expires Your contract expiration alerts rely on this field to send out warnings. Once a contract reaches its expiration date, Coupa deactivates it.

Leave the end date blank for contracts that you're using to control access to specific content groups and the web forms, punchouts, and item pricing included in them.

Owner The contract owner can be set to automatically receive contract alerts.
Supplier Account #

This is often used to identify suppliers when Coupa is used in tandem with another system that manages supplier info. Sometimes, supplier names may differ between the two systems, but this field should always be consistent.

This field does not default off of the Account Number field on the supplier record.

Currency Set the default currency for this contract.


Setting Details
Legal Agreement Upload legal documents, in any format of any size, tied to this contract. Coupa automatically indexes most text-based files like MS Word and Adobe PDF files.
Attachments Add any additional attachments, including separate files for upload, URLs, or just plain text.

Pricing and Terms

Setting Details
Savings % Enter a number in this field for Coupa to include spend against the contract in the Preferred Supplier Savings dashboard report.
Minimum Spend If your agreement requires a minimum amount of spend over the life of the contract, enter a value here.
Maximum Spend

Since many contracts provide discounts based on the total amount of spend, it's important to know if you are trending past that maximum number so you can negotiate a better volume discount.

You can set up contract alerts based on this value.

Payment Terms Payment terms dictate the time-frame that you should pay your suppliers within.
Shipping Terms Shipping terms are how you receive items from your supplier.  


Setting Details
Supplier Can Invoice Directly

This is how Coupa enables blanket POs for suppliers.

Checking this allows the supplier to send invoices against this contract without a backing PO. This applies to both internally-created (emailed, paper, etc.) and supplier-created (cXML) invoices, regardless of the supplier's match settings.

Default Account For Supplier Invoice Sets the default account for all invoices submitted against this contract.


Setting Details
Default On Unbacked Lines

If an end user makes a free form request to this supplier, checking this field will assign that spend against this contract. Only one contract per supplier can have this box checked.

Content Groups

Setting Details
Default On Unbacked Lines

Content groups restrict who has access to see the elements of this contract, including its:

  • Web forms
  • Items and item pricing
  • Punchouts
  • Order windows

You should tie each of these objects to a contract from their settings. For items, this is under the individual item's Suppliers table.

See Content Groups for details.

Tiered Pricing

Setting Details
Name Choose a descriptive, unique name for your pricing tiers according to the commodity or item where the pricing applies (e.g. if this is a pricing term for All Apple Products). Naming is particularly important when there are multiple tiered pricing terms on one contract because the pricing terms name will be selectable when you associate the pricing terms to an item.
What kind of pricing term is this?

Select the type of pricing term:

  • Quantity of a specific item - per order: The quantity of an item on any given requisition order calculated based on the quantity at the line level in your shopping cart.
  • Quantity of a specific item - cumulative: The total ordered quantity of an item accumulated over the lifespan of the contract.
  • Spend against contract - cumulative: The total spend of a given item accumulated over the lifespan of the contract.
Number of Pricing Tiers

Select the number of tiers for the dropdown. This should be equal to the number of different prices or discount percentages negotiated in the contract. If the number of tiers is specified these criteria appear:

  • Quantity Tier: The number of tiers specified in the contract.
  • Range of Quantities in Tier: The quantity criteria for each tier and their corresponding ranges.
    • Up to
    • Above
    • Less than or equal to
Discount Based On % Off List Price

If selected, the Discount % column next to each tier appears. You will be asked to enter the discount rate schedule to apply to the currently listed item price. Keep in mind, this option allows you to apply the discount rate schedule to whatever the current item price is when the requisition is submitted. This means that you can use the same negotiated discount rates even when the item's base price changes

If multiple items were not negotiated at the same discount schedule do not select this option because contracts have a different pricing schedule for each item. Price tiers automatically editable for each individual item when assigned to this contract/pricing term.

Order Windows

Setting Details
When can orders for this contract be issued?

Order windows control when PO's get sent to suppliers. If Coupa generates a PO when an order window is closed, then the PO will go to the supplier window hold status, until the window is open. When the window is open, the buyer can then release the PO to the supplier.

To set up order windows for this contract, choose the Only particular times option under Order Windows. Coupa then displays options for you to set up day-by-day times to send orders out.

You can even customize the messages shown to end users when they try to submit orders outside of the order window, so that they know why their order won't be placed immediately.

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