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Supplier Email Notifications

Suppliers can get various email notifications from Coupa. Customers want to control each of these emails to prepare their suppliers and to understand how their spend transactions alert or notify their suppliers.

Depending on their notification preference settings and whether suppliers and customers have Supplier Information Management (SIM) and Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN), suppliers receive email notifications from Coupa and the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) of the actions listed below.

If Coupa has marked a supplier as Inactive due to not logging into the CSP, they still receive system notifications. If you deactivate a supplier, they don't receive notifications.

From Coupa (Independent from Supplier Actions)

Coupa initiates email notifications to suppliers based on customer actions taken. Suppliers receive these notifications whether they have a CSP account or not.

  • New purchase order
  • Updated purchase order
  • Invitation to create a CSP account
  • Reminder to create a CSP account (sent every five days [three times total] when the supplier doesn't respond to the initial invitation email; configuration is available)
  • New user invitation (to an existing CSP account), in response to a supplier action, that is, to an invitation sent by an exiting supplier
  • Request to create/update information (SIM)
  • Request to update Terms of Use (Invoice Compliance)
  • New RFx event message (Sourcing)
  • Invitation to a new event (Sourcing)
  • Contract Collaboration requests and updates (Coupa Contract Collaboration)

From Coupa (in Response to a Supplier Action)

Suppliers can submit invoices against purchase orders (POs) directly from their PO emails. They can also provide SIM info from the request email without logging in to the CSP. When suppliers act on these Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN), they can get follow-up notifications from Coupa about the status of what they submitted, without having a CSP account.

  • Invoice submit confirmation
  • Invoice approved
  • Invoice disputed
  • Invoice paid
  • New invoice comment
  • SIM successfully submitted
  • SIM approved
  • SIM rejected

From the CSP

After creating a CSP account, suppliers can set their notification preferences. In addition to email, they can choose to get notifications online in the CSP or through SMS. Each supplier user controls which notifications to get. Most email and online notifications are "on" by default.

If a supplier chooses to receive a PO notification through the CSP and the customer's system is set up to send a PO notification email, the supplier receives two notifications. So, once a supplier is connected, the customer can change the PO delivery notification preferences to avoid sending notifications automatically.

See View and Manage Notifications for more information.

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