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Hosted Catalogs

Hosted catalogs are collections of items that are searchable directly from the Coupa home screen. You can create a catalog using Coupa’s CSV catalog template and then upload it into Coupa. Buyers can upload hosted catalogs directly within Coupa. Suppliers can upload catalogs through the CSP, where it can be approved by the buyer and made available from within Coupa.

Buyer Benefits

  • Easy to maintain and update
  • Change deltas are immediately visible

Supplier Benefits

  • No need to set up more complex ecommerce systems
  • Fastest way to get content into Coupa

How It Works

  1. Create your catalog using the Coupa catalog template.
  2. Upload the catalog via the CSP, or give it to your customer, who will upload it directly into Coupa.
  3. Have your customer review and approve the catalog.
  4. The items in the catalog immediately become available for purchase within Coupa.

Workflow for creating a hosted catalog.

EDI Catalogs

Coupa can also accept your catalog via EDI as part of a larger EDI integration. Talk to your customer about this option.

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