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How do I invite a Colleague from my company to a contract?

The steps for inviting a Colleague to a CLM Standard contract:

  1. When viewing the Contract you want to invite the user to, click Invite Colleague

  2. Enter the name of the person you want to invite

    CLM Standard will display a list of your colleagues who have a Coupa account and whose names match what you typed.  

    If the person's name does not display then they do not have an existing Coupa account and must contact a Coupa Admin to create their Coupa account. 
  3. When you've found the person you'd like to invite, CLM Standard will show a dropdown with options to ask that person to Watch, Review, or Sign.

    Reviewers will need to open the contract and clicked a "Finished" button. Depending on your company's settings, assigning a reviewer could prevent inviting the supplier or signing the contract. TODO: Link to document on reviewers

    Signatories can be asked to sign with an executive summary attached. TODO: Link to document on exec summary

    If you want this person to Review or Sign this contract, choose one of those options. If you'd just like to keep a colleague informed, choose "Watch".

  4. A modal comes up with an option to include a message to the person. If you'd like to include some additional information, fill that in. When you're ready, click on Ask to WatchAsk to Review, or Ask to Sign.

The user you invited will receive an email inviting them to this Contract in CLM Standard.

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