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How to sign into Contract Collaboration

Signing a contract in CCC is as easy as signing on paper.

Steps to Sign a Contract in CCC

Contract Collaboration eSignatures are the equivalent of signing a contract by hand. These are often referred to as "Simple eSignatures".

If you have permission, you can sign any open contract that you have access to.

  1. View the Contract

  2. Click the Sign button in the top right corner of the contract

  3. Choose your signing option
    Your options are to sign By Typing and type in your signature, or sign With Mouse and draw your signature


  4. Confirm who you are signing on behalf of:

    • If you didn't create the contract and were invited to sign by somebody from a different company you may be given the option to update the organization name you are signing on behalf of.
    • Myself: You don't need an organization name. Signing on behalf of yourself (not an organization) is rare for Procurement use cases.
  5. Type your name in full into the Signature box  OR draw your signature with your mouse.

  6. Click Sign

    • Your eSignature is automatically added to the Contract. 
    • The eSignature includes information about who you are, who you signed on behalf of and the date you signed. In the below example, Ellie signed on behalf of the Sprint Energy Systems Inc. organization.

What if I signed by mistake?

If you signed by mistake or the contract needs further edits, it can be re-opened up until the point all parties have signed. Once all parties have signed the Contract is locked and cannot be re-opened.

What happens after you sign

When you sign the contract, all relevant parties will be notified by email.

What happens once all parties have signed

Once all the required parties have signed the contract it will be automatically marked as Completed. All parties to the contract will be emailed a PDF of the completed contract that includes the digital signatures of the signers.

Once a contract has been signed by all parties and completed it cannot be reopened.

If both you and the Supplier have signed, but the contract has not been marked as completed, check that no other parties were mistakenly invited to sign.

A PDF of the Completed Contract will be uploaded to the Legal Agreement section of the Coupa Contract, and the Coupa Contract can now be Published allowing users to spend against the Contract.

If a document had been uploaded to the Legal Agreement for the Coupa Contract prior to the Contract being completed in CCC, it will be overwritten by the PDF of the contract from CCC.