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How to use Contract Collaboration Messages

The CCC Message features allows users to speed up communication on a contract by communicating with all relevant parties directly within CCC. This feature ensures that all of your communications about a contract are saved in CCC rather than being lost in email or voicemail.

Whenever you are sent a message in CCC, it also triggers an email to you that contains the details of the message, and which contract it is related to.

To ensure messages are only seen by the people who they were intended for, people that are not part of your organization can only see messages that were sent directly to them, or sent to everybody on a contract after the user was invited to view the contract. E.g. Sending a message to All parties on a contract, means it's only visable to the users who were party to the contract when the message was sent.

Using Messages in CCC

To create a message or view existing messages for the contract, click on the Messages button that on the right hand toolbar when you are viewing a contract.

The number to the right of the word Messages is the number of messages you have permission to view for this contract. 

Viewing and Sending Messages

When you open the Messages feature, the tabs on the left of the Messages window show you the messages that have been sent already, and allow you to create new messages to everyone that has been invited to the contract, to everybody in your organization or just to specific users (+Message). In the below example our company is called San Mateo Documentation Ltd.

Types of Messages

The sections on the left of the messages box is used to select who you want to send your message to. It also shows you how many messages have been sent to different groups for this contract.

  • Send messages to Everyone: All parties who can view this contract at the time the message is sent will be able to see the message.
    • To do this, click on Everyone, and add your message to the text box.
    • Clicking Post sends the message.  
  • Messages to everybody in your Organization: Click on the name of your Organization to send a message to everybody in your Organization who has been invited to this contract. Any user from your Organization who can view this contract will be able to see this message. 
  • Send messages to Specific People (+Message): You can also choose to send a message directly to one or more specific individuals.
    • You do this by clicking on + Message and selecting the names you want to send the message to. You can repeat the same process to add additional people to this message. Note that you can only send messages directly to people after they have been invited to the contract
    • These messages will only be visible to users who the message was sent to. Admin users in CCC can only see these messages if they were included in the list of users the message was sent to

Replying to Messages

Replying to a message follows the same workflow as creating a message. The only difference is that you will see the message you are replying to below the box that says Type to leave a message.