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How do I add comments to an Authored Contract?

Comments can only be added to Contracts that have not been signed, and are not canceled or Completed.

Comments cannot be deleted once they have been added to a Contract.  

To add a Comment:

  1. Highlight text in the Contract body (this can be done when viewing or editing the contract)

  2. Click the Comment button that appears.

  3. Enter your comment.

  4. Click Post to save your Comment.

  5. Click the Comment  icon to the right of where you added the comment to view details of the comment.

Users do not need Edit permissions to add Comments, all parties can add comments prior to any party signing the contract.  Comments are viewable to all parties from the point in time they have been invited to the contract. 

New Comments: 

  1. When another party has added a comment but you have not viewed that comment - it will be denoted with a red dot on the comment.