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Coupa Success Portal

Working with Orders

Viewing POs

Click on the Orders icon () on the menu. The Purchase Orders page appears where you can view the purchase orders (POs) from your customers.

Viewing POs from Specific Customers

Select a customer from the Select Customer dropdown list under the Menu icon ().

The first time you go to the Purchase Orders page, you have to choose a customer. The next time you visit this page, it returns to the last customer you selected.

The Purchase Orders table lists all the POs you received from that customer. You can use the search bar to filter the list with a search term, or click on the View dropdown list to perform advanced filtering. For more info on advanced filtering, see Creating Custom Views.

Column Description
PO Number PO number generated by Coupa.
Order Date Date when the PO was created.
Status Current status of the PO. For more info, see the Status list.

You can choose to let your customer know that you received their PO by selecting the Acknowledged checkbox on the PO. When you select the checkbox, the current date appears in the Acknowledge column.

This checkbox is a simple toggle, so you can also un-acknowledge an invoice by deselecting the checkbox. If you re-acknowledge at a later time, the new date appears.

Items List of items on the PO.
Unanswered Comments You can now make comments directly on the PO for your customers to see. If your customer left comments that you haven't responded to, you get notified here.
Total  Total amount of the PO.
Actions Use the gold coins icon  to flip the PO into an invoice and the red coins icon  to create a credit note.
Status Description
Buyer Hold The PO is approved but pending buyer review.
Cancelled The PO is cancelled and doesn't need to be fulfilled.
Closed The issued PO was received and then closed, either manually or automatically within Coupa.
Currency Hold The PO is on hold due to a currency exchange rate issue.
Error There's something wrong with the PO. Contact your customer to get the PO back on track.
Issued The PO was approved and sent to you.
Supplier Window Hold The PO was approved outside of the order window schedule under contract terms.

If you click on the PO number to view the PO, and then use the back button to return to the Purchase Orders page, you need to refresh the page to see the changes you made to the PO.

Configuring the PO Delivery Method

Configure how you receive POs from a specific customer.

  1. Go to the Purchase Orders page and select the customer whose settings you want to modify.
  2. Click on the Settings icon () to open the Configure PO Delivery page.
  3. Select your delivery method and provide the necessary information.
  4. Click OK when you're done.

You can configure your PO delivery method only if your customer allows you to modify your profile.

PO Delivery Settings

Column Description
PO Method
  • Email: Coupa automatically emails POs to the email address you enter.
  • cXML: Coupa sends the PO via cXML. You have to enter the cXML settings to use this option.
  • Prompt?

 If you want to use a method not listed here, talk to you customer about alternatives.

??? PO Change Method  
PO Email Coupa sends POs to this email address. To specify multiple addresses, separate them with a comma.
cXML Domain Part of the From section of the header in the OrderRequest cXML. It can be anything you define, but it's usually DUNS or NetworkID, depending on the corresponding identity value.
cXML Identity Your customer's DUNS or NetworkID.
cXML Supplier Domain Part of the To section of the header in the OrderRequest cXML. It can be anything you define, but it's usually DUNS or NetworkID, depending on the corresponding identity value.
cXML Supplier Identity Your DUNS or NetworkID.
cXML Secret A password that you and the customer agreed upon. If no shared password is specified, Coupa automatically passes none.
cXML Protocol This field should always be cxml.
SSL Version  
Disable SSL Cert Verification  
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