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Coupa Success Portal

Advance Ship Notices (ASNs)

Viewing and Managing ASNs

This feature is available only if your customer enables it in Coupa.

Click on the ASN tab on the main menu. The Advance Ship Notices page appears.

From the Select Customer drop-down list in the top right corner, select the customer whose ASNs you want to see.

When you visit the page again, it shows you the ASNs for the customer you selected last time.

The Advance Ship Notices table shows the following information for all the ASNs you sent to the selected customer.

Column Description
ASN Number ASN number generated by Coupa. Click on it to view the ASN. 
Status Current status of the ASN. See the ASN status list below for more info.
Delivery Date Date when the ASN was sent.
Last Updated By Name of the person who updated the ASN for the last time.
Last Updated Date Date when the ASN was updated for the last time.

Click on the icons for the following actions:

  • Edit.png - Edit the ASN.
  • Delete.png - Delete the ASN.
  • Red_arrow.png - Cancel the ASN.

You can edit ASNs in draft or pending receipt status. You can delete ASNs in draft status. You can cancel ASNs that are pending receipt.

ASNs can have the following statuses:

Status Description
Draft The ASN has been created, but it hasn't been submitted to your customer.
Cancelled The ASN has been cancelled.
The customer has received a part of your shipment.
Pending Receipt The customer is waiting for the shipment.
Received The customer has received your shipment.

You can export the ASNs table in CSV or Excel format.

You can filter the table by columns, use the search bar to filter with a search term, or click on the View drop-down list to perform advanced filtering. See Creating Custom Views for more info.

Creating or Editing/Updating an ASN

When you receive a purchase order, you can flip it into an ASN and send it to your customer by clicking on the Flip to ASN (  ) icon for it in the Purchase Orders table. See Orders for more info.

To edit a draft ASN or update one in pending receipt status, click on the Edit (Edit.png) icon for it in the Advance Ship Notices table.

On the Create Advance Ship Notice page, fill in at least the mandatory fields (marked with a red asterisk).

Click on the Submit button to send the ASN to your customer, or on the Update button if you are sending an updated ASN.

When you send an ASN to a customer, the PO status changes to Issued even if you haven't sent the customer an invoice yet.

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