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Coupa Success Portal

Working with Invoices

Viewing Invoices

If you use Coupa’s invoice compliance, see Compliance as a Service for more info.

Click on the Invoices tab on the main menu. The Invoices page appears where you can view the invoices you sent to your customers.

Viewing Invoices from Specific Customers 

Select a customer from the Select Customer dropdown list under the Menu icon ().

The first time you go to the Invoices page, you have to choose a customer. The next time you visit this page, it returns to the last customer you selected.

The Invoices table lists all the invoices you created for that customer. You can use the search bar to filter the list with a search term, or click on the View dropdown to perform advanced filtering. For more info on advanced filtering, see Creating Custom Views

Column Description
Invoice # Invoice number generated by Coupa.
Created Date Date when the invoice was created.
Status Current status of the invoice. For more info, see the Status list.
PO # PO number generated by Coupa. ??? PO number on which the invoice is based. / PO number related to the invoice.
Total Total amount of the invoice.
Unanswered Comments You can make comments directly on the invoice for your customers to see. If your customer left comments that you haven't responded to, you get notified here.
Actions Use the Edit icon .
Status Description
Approved The invoice has been accepted for payment by your customer.
Draft The invoice has been created, but hasn't been submitted to your customer yet.
Pending Approval The invoice is currently with a business approver.
Processing The invoice is being processed by the AP department, and should be paid soon.
Voided There's something wrong with the invoice. Contact your customer to get the invoice back on track.
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